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Where VitalityBecomes Your Lifestyle


About Charmaine Vierra

My passion as a Holistic Health Coach is to help guide and inspire others to achieve their optimum health. This is done through the regeneration of their vital force which I assist using cleansing and detoxification processes and teaching the importance of consuming high-octane, living plant foods.

Join Vierra Vitality and Transform Your Body, Mind & Spirit


The importance of the social aspect of changing any habit cannot be overstated. Ultimately, we need one another, not only do our personal achievements motivate one another to step higher, we may lovingly hold one another accountable. Our Day and Extended Stay Retreats are designed to make the most of our innate ability as women to care and share. You will undoubtedly make new friends for life and forge a journey toward your health goals together.


In a word, motivation is discipline and it comes from a strong conviction to act. I like to refer to motivation as PROACTIVITY. It is transcendence into a space of believing possible what was once seeming to difficult and unrealistic. Our programs provide the education, commitment, social synergy, as well as all of the needed physical, emotional, and spiritual resources to engaging the WILL to do what you have only dreamed of doing.


Results are inevitable when you give the body, mind, and spirit what it needs to THRIVE, and remove that which tends to lessen and destroy VITAL FORCE. Eliminating toxins whether physically, spiritual, and mentally—then saturating the cells, mind, and spirit with HIGH OCTANE FUEL—positive mental attitude, raw plant juices and cuisine, and trust in Divine power, these things infuse VITAL FORCE throughout your being to LIVE AT YOUR TRUE CAPACITY!

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